Privacy Policy

The privacy statement is our promise to protect the privacy of our visitors. The following text reveals the information collection and use of our website. Our privacy statement is constantly improving. With the expansion of our service scope, we will update our privacy statement at any time. You are welcome to check this statement at any time. Please email to: Feedback your opinion.

At the time of the grape seed service agreement (the "agreement"), you have agreed to use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this privacy statement. All terms of this privacy statement are part of this agreement.

Special precautions for minors

If you are under 18 years old, you have no right to use our services, so we hope you will not provide us with any personal information.

User name and password

When you want to register as a user, we ask you to choose a user name and password. You can only use your account through your password. If you disclose your password, you may lose your personal identification information, and may lead to adverse judicial actions. Therefore, no matter what causes your password security to be compromised, you should immediately send an email to: Get in touch with us.

Registration information

When you register as a user and start purchasing products, you need to fill in a registration form. The registry requires you to provide correct information. Once any improper information is found, grape seed will stop all services immediately.

We track IP addresses just for security reasons. If we don't find any security problems, we will delete the IP addresses we collected in time. We also track page access data throughout the day. Full day page access data is used to reflect the traffic of the website, so that we can make plans for future development (e.g. adding servers).


We will conduct comprehensive statistics on personal identity data, and will not disclose the comprehensive statistics to advertisers for the needs of sales and rewards.

Third party

We will not provide, sell, rent, share or trade user's personal information to any third party, unless the third party and grape seed provide services for the website and users together and have been prohibited from accessing all such information including those previously accessible after the end of the service. We will disclose your information in good faith when we are compelled by law or in accordance with government requirements.

Storage and exchange of information

User information and data are collected and stored on servers in China.

External links

This site may contain links to other websites. Grape seed is not responsible for the privacy protection measures of those websites. We may add business partners or common brand websites at any time, but we will only provide them with comprehensive information. We will not disclose your identity information on any occasions and conditions.


Our website has corresponding security measures to ensure that the information we have is not lost, abused and altered. These security measures include backing up data to other servers and encrypting user passwords. Although we have these security measures, please note that there is no "perfect security measures" on the Internet.

Modify your information

You can modify or update your information and password at any time (after successful login)

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